The Tour of a Lifetime!
Wild Wind Tours offers unique wildlife viewing eco-adventures on the barren wilderness of the Hudson Bay coast.

Our tours allow you to spend time exploring the unique terrain of the sub-arctic tundra in search of the varied wildlife in the region.

This area is rich in wildlife including: polar bear, caribou, moose, marten, fox, beaver, and even black bear.

Marine mammals such as seals, walruses, beluga and white whales can also be seen along the coast and in river estuaries.

In late spring a vast array of birds and waterfowl including snow geese and canada geese migrate to the region. The birds will nest in the region for the summer before migrating south in the fall.

In Search of the Polar Bear
As many as 200 polar bears come through the mainland coastal area during the summer months. They will remain on the mainland until late fall when the ice on Hudson Bay hardens enough for travel.

On our eco-adventure tours we hope to take you to within viewing range* of these magnificent animals where they can be watched from a safe distance in their natural environment.

*Note: we cannot guarantee that you will see polar bears on your tour but depending on when you schedule your tour the likelihood is good.

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Space on Wild Wind Tours Hudson Bay coastal tours is limited and reservations are necessary. It is suggested that you book as far in advance as possible.

Contact us for more information and bookings.

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