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Wild Wind Tours is based in Peawanuck, Ontario, Canada.
Peawanuck is a remote community located in a wilderness area that is accessible only by air there are no roads here.

The town is situated 20 miles inland on the west shore of the Winisk River which flows north into Hudson Bay.

Polar Bear Provincial Park
Peawanuck is encompassed by Polar Bear Provincial Park, a remote unstaffed wilderness park that offers no services. Guides are required for visitors to the park. If you are planning a trip to the park talk to us for guides and travel planning assistance.

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The climate on the Hudson Bay coast is variable not only season to season but day to day. The lowland region can see very high winds and if you are tenting, tents that are low in height are highly recommended.

Summers can have hot, warm and cool/cold days with cooler evenings. Fall can have warm and cool to cold days with cool nights. Winter days can range from 0c to sub -40c temperatures.

If you are planning a trip to the region it is a good idea to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions - even during summer months.


Getting Here
Float plane service to Peawanuck is available from many Northern Ontario communities such as: Timmins, Hearst, Thunder Bay, Pickle Lake and Nakina.

Gas, Oil and Support Services
If you are planning to fly your own aircraft north Wild Wind Tours can provide aviation gas (Avgas 100 LL), oil and other services to assist in your trip.

We generally provide these services in Peawanuck but gas can be delivered to other areas if required with a delivery fee.

Contact us for information and logistics prior to making your trip to the area.

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