A Rugged Wilderness!
Wild Wind Tours offers wilderness guiding services to visitors to the Hudson Bay coast, Polar Bear Provincial Park and the surrounding region.

The area around Peawanuck is a rugged and remote wilderness which offers explorers, campers, kayakers, and hikers the outdoor experience of a lifetime.

The region can also be a harsh and unpredictable environment which can pose dangers for those who are unexperienced, unprepared and unfamiliar with the northern terrain.

Be Prepared
It is recommended that anyone camping in the region bring an extra weeks worth of food as storms can delay arrangements for pick-up by air and boat.

Low, wind resistant tents are also advisable due to high winds that can occur on the coastal lowlands.

Be prepared for any weather - at any time of the year. This is a sub-arctic climate and the weather is often unpredictable, even in summer months.

Guide Services
Visitors are advised to employ guides to ensure that their trip is not only safe but an enjoyable one also.

Wild Winds Tours guiding services include the availability of well trained guides and leaders who are skilled in the ways of the area. They will assist you in land and water navigation, fishing as well as cooking and camp chores as required.

The use of guides who have an intimate knowledge of the land will ensure you maximize the experience to be had in this amazing region.

Contact us for more information about our guiding services and rates, boat and equipment rentals and trip planning information. Advance booking is recommended for these services.

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