Tour The Coast Your Way
Wild Wind Tours specializes in guided tours and services that can maximize your visit to the Hudson Bay coast.

We realize that you may have specific goals in mind during your visit. We can facilitate those goals by providing custom tours tailored to your needs.

Your tour can centre on the Hudson Bay coast and/or some of the many rivers, lakes and interesting geological features in the region.

Photo & Film Tours

Custom photo and film tours can be arranged to increase the chance of seeing particular wildlife including, polar bears, caribou, whales, seals and birds.

Guides and assistants can also be provided along with blinds, boats and other equipment.

Aerial Tours & Fly-In Services
Aerial tours can also be arranged over the coast and waters of Hudson Bay. Fly-In drop off and pick up services to specific areas, lakes and rivers can also be arranged weather permitting.

Contact Us
Get in touch with us for more information on our custom tours, services, equipment and boat rentals and rates.

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